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A Florist's Highland Garden

What does a Highland florist's garden look like? Well mine at this time of the year is full of peonies!

My collection of 14 different Peony plants have excelled this year! Most of them are between 6 and 10 years old some of you might have found a couple in your bouquets over the last couple of weeks. They are huge!

Peonies are in season from May to June, and they are a beautiful addition to a bouquet. I just love them, in fact they are my favourite flower. Peony plants can live up to 100 years- so my bushes are still very young.

In the world of flower symbolism the Peony represents prosperity, love, honour and good luck. A perfect flower for a wedding bouquet don't you think? Here's a wedding bouquet from May this year. They really are romantic, soft and delicate but with a bit of drama I think too. The bride also wore a rose and peony flower crown, and with her long hair loose, she married her groom amid the mountains of Glencoe.


Peonies and roses for this Highland wedding bouquet by The Enchanted Florist of Lochaber

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