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Picture a perfect Highland Wedding in Glencoe...

This March, I had the pleasure of creating bouquets , table decor and buttonholes for no less than 5 weddings in just 8 days! Each wedding had its own personality and style of course, with Glencoe and Arisaig being a few of the locations here on the west in Lochaber.

I love to take photos of the arrangements I've made, and you will see lots of pictures of bouquets - freshly made, lots of flower varieties - ready to be delivered to the venue for the big day!

Quite often with the stone walls of my Highland cottage as a backdrop- works really well!

But there's nothing quite like seeing the professional wedding photos is there?

A wedding photographer is a very special part of the wedding day, as they are often spending the whole day with you, capturing your memories!

I have got to know some fabulous and talented photographers, who are familiar with the best locations here and all over Scotland, (and often very keen to get their walking boots on for the best shot!) The images I am sent are, without fail, beautiful, romantic and full of character.

I pay particular attention to the flowers of course, and it is wonderful to be able to share many of the images here and on my social media. Thanks so much to the couples and photographers for this.

I am really looking forward to featuring more stunning photographs from many of the weddings I'm involved with this year.

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