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A little bit of Confetti...

I still can't quite believe that a received an award for my funeral work. It is really wonderful to have a very important, side of my business recognised.

Award season continues, and I am hoping to play a part in the Confetti Awards, as I was a finalist last year. The first part of the process is for the public to vote- so please do consider voting, as I would love to have my business considered again by the judges in the final round. Just click here to vote!

My role as a florist is very special to me. I love the creativity and I also enjoy the opportunity of helping my customers express themselves through flowers, for every occasion.

Weddings of course are a time when, as a florist, my role is very special. I have quite a number of weddings under my belt now- over 15 years worth! So I don't get nervous or flustered about preparing blooms for the big day.

However the magic of preparing arrangements for each couple never disappears. After a consultation I have a little insight and have made a small connection with the wedding couple, so it becomes quite personal to be entrusted with their wedding flowers.

Quite often due to my location here in Lochaber, (which is close to romantic Highland wedding destinations like Glencoe, Glen Nevis and The Road to the Isles) the consultation might be over a distance, sometimes even a time zone!

I am well used to asking all the right questions to find out what is required, and my inbox is constantly full of messages and floral inspirations!

I have made great contacts (and friends) through my work. I find hotels and venue contacts and other wedding suppliers around Lochaber and the Highlands are very supportive, as we have got to know each other over the years.

Seeing wedding photos after the big day, is a chance to see how everything came together for the couple. For me, I love to see the wedding flowers I have crafted play their role and add to the ambiance and style of the wedding day. Those photos always make me smile and especially receiving a message or a thank you and knowing the couple have had a fabulous day.

With so many different weddings there are bound to be different personalities and different styles.

As a florist- and an enchanted one at that- it is a pleasure to add just the right Highland flower magic to make a bridal flower dreams come true!

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