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Eloping to the Highlands? Call me!

From my studio in Glencoe I receive calls and messages from all corners of the world. Very often it is wedding flowers that bring those distant customers to my corner of the Highlands!

And why not?! Locaber is a place for romance after all. The landscape and legends make for a perfect setting for wedding days. You can see by the wedding photos I share on my site and on facebook and Instagram, that a wedding here is very special.

This rustic and delicate bouquet was for an elopement. The bride called me from the USA, to plan this gorgeous bouquet for her day which took place further up the Glen, at The Ralston Cross in Glencoe.

I used Dried Eidelwiess, dried Ruscus, dried Lambsear, dried Larkspur, bleached Argrostis, White Cloud & Dancing Clouds Roses, Clematis Star River, Eryngium Sirius & Eryngium Magnetar, Lavender Lisianthus, Limonium & Cinerea.

What a lovely mix of flowers and textures.

Congratulations to the happy couple and thank you so much for inviting me to be part of your magical day.

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