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Top Tips for a Winter Wedding in the Scottish Highlands

Updated: Feb 1

Picture this; You're standing in Glencoe, the air is sharp and crisp, mountains encrusted with snow. You exchange vows amidst the vast romantic backdrop - The Scottish Highlands in Winter can be a stunning setting for a memorable day.

Here’s a few of my  tips to make your day extra special and yes, I'll include some ideas for the perfect wedding flowers to bring Highland winter magic to life!

Let Nature Be Your Guide:

  • Winter in the Scottish Highlands has a colour palette that is full of sparkle, rustic charm and cosy log fires! Think crisp whites, deep greens, deep purples and reds, a little touch of shimmer... How about a dash of tartan? -whether in a kilt, tie or a bride’s shawl - and don't forget a tartan ribbon in the bouquet.

Wrap Up in Style:

  • In the Highlands, winter means chilly weather. Stay toasty with faux fur stoles, tartan shawls, and soft wool wraps. Not only will you and yours be warm and snug, but you'll also have the perfect style for your day.

Flowers that Brave the Chill:

  • Imagine your bouquet: a mix of white and burgundy or purple roses, a hint of eucalyptus, and maybe even a sprig of thistle for that Scottish touch. 

  • You might like to add in some seasonal foliage like berries, evergreens, pine, holly and mistletoe. They're like nature's confetti, adding extra flair to your bouquet and decor.

  • Rustic and wild like the mountains and winter weather? Luxurious and rich like being inside by an open fire. Warm and traditional, like a wee dram to celebrate?

Let There Be Light:

  • Winter days are short, but that just means more time to enjoy the magic of twinkling lights. Candles, fairy lights, and lanterns will turn your ceremony into a warm, romantic haven. Imagine the flickering glow as you say your 'I dos' with the snow-covered landscape as your backdrop. Or celebrating the day yourselves or with family as the wind blows through the glens outside.

Roll with the Weather:

  • As much as we love the idea of a snowy outdoor ceremony, Scottish weather can be a unpredictable. ( and that's putting it mildly!) But I have to say, the couples I have met have braved all sorts of weather, and when it comes to dramatic photos the weather can play a supporting role - even in the driechest of days!

  • Just be prepared, winter weather can be wild and travel plans can be impacted - one couple recently had a storm to contend with- thankfully they made it and their day was wonderful nevertheless. There are some wonderful venues around Lochaber. From country houses and castles, to historic churches, charming inns and award winning guesthouses and hotels. Wonderful backdrops for photos inside and out, and superb places for food and accommodation for you and your guests.

I hope your winter wedding in the Scottish Highlands will become the stuff of legends – a tale of love, laughter, and cosy moments. With nature as your guide, the perfect bouquet in hand, a touch of tartan, your celebration will be a winter dream come true.

If you would like to find out more about the flowers I can create for you - (for any time of the year!)- please do take a look around my Gallery pages. Feel free to get in touch I'm more than happy to discuss ideas and answer any queries you may have.

Kim x

The Enchanted Florist of Lochaber

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